Thursday, October 16, 2008

Lots of Tufa!

So we have been busy getting ready for the Kona Coffee Festival. I have several lanterns finished and have added some new designs. One of the things I loved about visiting Japan was seeing the hundreds of lanterns at all the parks and temples. The town of Nara had some of my favorites. It also taught me that you don't have to be too rigid when designing your lantern. I saw all kinds of lanterns from the intricate moss covered ones that towered over me to the "Flintstone" variety that were very rustic and probably handcarved stone. Seeing that allowed me the liberty to "do my own thing" when designing lanterns. If it pleases my own eyes, then all is good. I have learned from online sites that the number of elements in a lantern can be symbollically important. But I also believe that we can each give symbolism to any item. Like the diamond industries campaign to sell a three stone necklace that "represents yesterday, today and tomorrow". Boy, I wonder how many diamonds they sold because of that?! I think that the important thing is to allow yourself to be creative. Find the elements that please you and create your own lantern. That is what I wish to give to all my readers. Permission to be creative. Go for it!