Sunday, November 16, 2008

photos from 2008 coffee festival

2008 Coffee Festival

A big mahalo to all of you who stopped by our booth yesterday at the Kona Coffee Festival and helped to make our day so much fun! Always my favorite part is explaining how to make hypertufa to someone who gets that twinkle that tells me that they may indeed give it a try! It really is an easy craft. No rocket science here. Just play in the mud until you make a bowl or something that makes YOU feel creative. Not a lot of rules with this hobby except of course to clean up all your tools and your work area!

A quick refresher for you who don't want to go looking for your instruction sheet:

one part portland (or hawaiian) cement
one part perlite
two parts peat moss

Add water slowly and mix thoroughly to get that "little wetter than cookie dough but not quite cottage cheese" consistancy.

Put the "mud" in your mold.

Let set in a shady place for a day or two (until you can just scratch the surface with your thumbnail)
release the mold and do a little happy dance!