Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bird Bath

If you read my earlier post about the Tufa Torch, this Bird Bath will look quite familiar! I used the same form for the base. I also carved the same Japanese kanji symbol for "peace" into it on all four sides.

The thing that makes this pillar different is that I was experimenting with using alternative organic matter in place of some of the peat moss. In this experiment I used chaff from Kona Coffee Beans which is a papery material, very light-weight. I did have some problems using this material. Instead of the usual 2-3 days for a pillar of this size, it took several days longer to dry to the point of being able to unmold it. This pillar also developed cracks in it and I expected it to break apart but it has been standing in place for 3 years (since 2005) and seems to be holding its own. I like how it has aged. I keep it in a shady area and moss and mold have helped it to take on a very old appearance.

I used the same stainless steel mixing bowl and plastic bowl insert to make the basin.

It attracts birds daily. I often empty it out to get rid of any mosquito larvae but the birds always return.

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imahighrider said...

I love your recipe but it does not state the procedure for drying.
Also, will this birdbath be waterproof? Is there a recipe to make the item colored? Thank you very much.